Wonder Woman • Written Review

Rotten Tomatoes IMDB OVERALL REACTOR CREW SCORE: 7 (SPOILERS HERE)  AJ’S REACTION: SCORE 7 Wonder Woman is by far one of the best DCEU movie to date. However, fundamentally flawed in the 3rd Act. A superhero movie is well defined most by how strong it’s villains are, this is where this movie falls on its face in […]

Life Movie Review

STAY TUNED This episode is in Post Production Trailer: Synapsis : An International Space Station crew of astronaut scientists orbit the earth manage to salvage a damaged research pod set off course. The offset pod was part of an expedition to Mars gathering soil samples from the Martian landscape. The Astronauts soon discover that the pod’s soil […]

First Reaction • Alien Covenant

First Reaction Reviews from the Crew Recorded Premiere Night Alien Covenant initial Reaction & Scores from Reactor Podcast crew. Stay connected to get the latest updates on our launch date for our extended reviews. Coming soon. @__nouga.jr @n.catangay @daemocaf @musiquedecor #thereactorpodcast #reactorpodcast #podcast #moviescores #movies #aliencovenant #alien #aliens #covenant #ridleyscottfilm #ridleyscott A post shared by […]